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Walking with Toddlers

My husband always says “walking is good for the soul”. I walk a lot. If it’s not raining I walk most days. Until just recently, the kids have been in the double Phil and Ted’s and we walk to the […]

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Birthday Bonanza Giveaway!

This is a sponsored post School of Mum is 2. Can you believe it? I’m undecided if I can. Sometimes it feels like only yesterday I started this blog and other times it feels like it has been around my […]

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a child who reads

In a World of Books

This Post contains Affiliate Links When I was in Primary School I devoured books. Demolished them, absorbed them, inhaled them. I made my way through every Babysitter’s Club book, the Goosebumps Series and my mind boggled at the twist in […]

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Pasta Names for Toddlers

At 2 and a half, Tom is starting to develop a great fascination about his own name and the letters they are made up of! This is sooo simple and easy and we made a jar of coloured pasta to […]

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