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belkin cuties

Father’s Day, Belkin and Fairies *GIVEAWAY ENDED*

CONGRATULATIONS Jasmine A WIFI EXTENDER Cathy S NetCam HD Charmaine C (no response) Clare TUNEBASE FM Lisa Boost Up Charger Charl QODE Keyboard This is a sponsored post and a guest post by Stephen East. Dear Fairy Godfather, Father’s Day is this weekend and […]

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Make Up Free Me

Do you generally wear make up? I can’t say I do these days… Make Up Free Me is on tomorrow and is a charity movement that is looking to shine a light on negative body image among women and girls […]

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Smack Bang in the Middle of Babies vs Toddlers

I don’t know who I am some days. This morning the baby was crying to be taken out of his high chair, but the toddler had hit his head on the table and needed a cuddle and both were crying […]

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Walking with Toddlers

My husband always says “walking is good for the soul”. I walk a lot. If it’s not raining I walk most days. Until just recently, the kids have been in the double Phil and Ted’s and we walk to the […]

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