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Let’s Get Eggy for Easter! (REVIEW)

This is a reader review. Products were sent in exchange for review. When the wooden eggs arrived my mind went straight into teacher mode, thinking about all of the educational things I could use the eggs for: - Counting - […]

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Disney Fun Zone – Melbourne

There has been so much happening lately in my life that the blog has been thrown off to the side a bit. I’m trying to be OK with that right now. I’m often offered things to review or events to […]

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This morning I was acutely aware of Jeremy’s dependency. I am his legs. I take him where he needs to go. If it is time for him to play, I take him to the rocker. If it is time for him […]

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Why Women Might Not Want to Breastfeed in Public Places

Someone said something to me a few weeks ago that got to me. It was about me breastfeeding in public and it wasn’t appropriate. It was someone I had never met and while it was said in jest, it made […]

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